Flamboyant Tree
Flamboyant tree is a tropical tree that originated in
Madagascar. Read on to find out more about this
amazingly beautiful, ornamental, and "flamboyant" tree.

It's summer and many trees are in
full bloom. But one umbrella-shaped
tree, catches our attention instantly.
It's the flamboyant tree. It can be
spotted from a distance due to the
flowers in a riot of colors like red, orange and
yellow. This tree is rightly known as the flame tree
due to its splashy display of clustered red colored

The other name for this tree is the Royal Poinciana
Tree and is a species of flowering plant. Its leaves
are elegant, lace-like and fern like and the flowers
have five petals. It stays in bloom for several weeks
in the spring and the summer seasons.

This tree is found in South Florida, Southwest Florida,
South Texas, Southern California, Hawaii and the US
Virgin Islands in the United States of America.
This tree is also found in countries like Barbados,
Caribbean Islands and Asian countries like India, China and Japan. An annual
festival is celebrated in Miami for  its flowering. This article will help you
understand how to grow this magnificent tree and how to take care of it.
See chart for more countries.

Growing Flamboyant Tree

Royal poinciana is a fast growing tree. It can grow up to 5 feet per year till
maturity. It's essential to bear in mind  that this tree requires a lot of space
to grow. This tree can grow very tall, but its graceful umbrella like canopy
can be wider than its height. Apart from this, you need to understand things
like - how to plant the seeds, the type of climate needed for its growth and the pH requirements of the soil.

Flamboyant tree seeds are unusual. The seed pods are dark brown and are 60 cm long and 5 cm wide, but the
individual seeds are small. These seeds are very hard with a tight covering. This cover does not allow water to seep
through. So, if these seeds are planted, the success of germination is very less. Hence, we cannot use these
flamboyant tree seeds in this form for growing a tree. They need to be treated before you can use them for

There are two ways to overcome this problem. One way to increase the success rate of the germination process is
by laying the seeds on a flat surface and rubbing them with sandpaper for about 12 seconds. This process needs to
be repeated on the other side of the seed. These seeds then need to be soaked overnight. These seed cover will
start peeling off from the seeds. Plant these seeds in a large pot about 20 millimeter deep in the soil. These seeds
will germinate in about six days successfully.

The second way to get these seeds to germinate faster is to place some seeds in boiling water. Add cold water to it
and drop the temperature. Soak these seeds for 24 hours. Sow these seeds in a pot and place the pot in a warm
place. The flamboyant tree seeds germinate in four to six days.

A tropical or a near tropical climate is required for the growth of the flamboyant tree. It can, however, also grow in
drought and salty conditions with regular water supply. It requires full sun exposure to grow fast into a healthy tall
tree. Ensure that your tree gets moderate supply of water regularly.

This tree cannot tolerate frost. The frost will rot the roots and the tree will die. Moreover, as the flamboyant tree is
deciduous in winter, i.e. it sheds its leaves during the winter, it requires a dry climate. Sparingly water this plant in
winter. This trees cannot be exposed to temperatures below 7.2 grades C.

Flamboyant tree can be grown in a wide range of well drained soils from acidic to alkaline. It is also tolerant of loamy
and gravelly soils. The soil pH requirements are 5.6 to 6.0 acidic and 6.1 to 6.5 mildly acidic.

Flamboyant Tree Care

Flamboyant trees don't need you to fuss around them. They are very easy to take care of. Some important aspects
of flamboyant tree care are given below.

Flamboyant tree tolerates hard pruning and can easily be kept at a small size. The branches can grow up to 40 feet
in height. These branches need to be pruned just below the crown. Young trees need to be pruned every year for
the first three years. This makes the tree grow in a better form. While pruning the trees, care needs to be taken to
see that the branches are clipped in an umbrella shape. Only then the tree will look elegant after it reaches maturity.

This tree requires regular water in its growing years and very little water in the dormant season. Full exposure to
sun is absolutely necessary for its growth, so don't plant it during the winter season. Use balanced liquid fertilizers
each month to ensure good growth.

Remember to add a fresh two inch layer of mulch during the winter season. Mulching will help in retaining the
moisture in the soil and will stop the cold from reaching the roots as the frost can deteriorate the roots.

Also, the roots of the royal poinciana are wide-spreading which do not allow any other trees to grow under it. They
are so strong that they may affect the foundations of your house. So ensure that these trees are planted in open

Hope this article helped you understand the basics of growing the flamboyant tree. This wonderful tree grows
without much care and provides good shade which can be useful for picnics or for a nice nap or just to sit underneath
it and talk. So, plant this tree today and get a lifetime of happiness.
Flamboyant Tree Information